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Developing Teaching learning and Assessment skills: A partnership approach

Part of our Inspiring excellence programme

This programme is aimed at school alliances, LA, academy chains, teaching schools and other school consortiums. To maximise learning and impact between 6 and 15 teachers with mentors participate in the programme.


  • To develop highly effective mentors and coaches who can support and enhance teacher development in their schools.
  • To develop reflective practitioners who develop an increased awareness and understanding of:
  1. The key skills and qualities of effective teaching and learning
  2. How to make learning more relevant and effective
  3. Recognise what aspects of their teaching they need to enhance.

Programme overview

Day 1:

The coaching and mentor day. Mentors face to face training 

Day 2:

One day face to face training for Mentors and teachers together : sessions include

  • Recognising effective teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Effective planning and use of time
  • Developing a wider range differentiation strategies
  • Reflecting on practice (Delegates with their mentors reflect on strengths and areas for development and plan focus for phase 1 of the in school mentoring and coaching programme)

Within school follow up part one the Consultant support: each teacher and mentor are allocated half a day support from an experienced consultant through:

  • Joint observations and analysis of documents and professional dialogue
  • Following each session the school is provided with a written report.

Day 3:

Face to face training for Mentors and teachers together.

This session Focuses on common areas of development e.g. improving questioning skills.

Delegates review of impact so far of the programme and plan the next steps

In school follow up part 2. Final Consultant support each teacher and mentor are allocated a further half day support from consultant focusing on agreed development aspects.