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Collaborative Action Research in practice : Inspiring Excellence, Building Capacity

Reshaping teaching and improving provision to meet the requirements of the NNC

Programme overview

A flexible partnership between practitioners and expert external consultants.**

Aimed at individual schools or school alliances.

School or groups schools identify a Triad of middle leaders / experienced practitioners.

Phase 1:

Half day, whole day or twilight workshops*


  • To examine the key elements of effective teaching, learning and assessment within the NNC
  • Identify common issues and barriers to improving the quality of teaching and learning or provision in their settings.
  • Understand how Action research can support school improvement

Phase 2:

Each Triad identify an aspect of teaching/provision they want to improve and discuss a way forward with the trainer/consultant.

Each school triad pilot and review a new approach.

(Option consultant visits each Triad for half day to support review of the change)

Phase 3 (workshop 2):

Triads meet with the lead consultant to share results, discuss the impact and plan next steps.

** This programme can be adapted according to client needs e.g.

Option a) Consultant visits each Triad in their schools for further half/ whole day sessions to support review of the change overtime.

Option b) Mini Conference/Inset day staff in schools attend a conference/ Inset event providing bespoke training based on analysis of Triads findings, share best practice and opportunity to network.

Option c) Length of session or number of workshops can be flexible.