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Enhancing the monitoring and evaluation skills of Peer Reviewers

Programme overview

A Joint Programme of training and one to one mentoring and coaching for head teachers and senior leaders.


  • To sharpen the monitoring and evaluation skills of high quality Peer reviewers
  • To develop a partnership approach to school improvement.

Phase one:

Senior leaders from Outstanding and good schools attend either course 1 or 2.

Following the completion of the course, delegates can select to develop and hone their monitoring and evaluation skills via one to one support and mentoring.

Phase two:

The delegate ( Peer reviewer) accompanied by a highly experienced consultant complete a joint one day focused review of a school or department*.

The mentor provide focused support and guidance in order to hone the skills of the peer reviewer and together they provide an objective verbal report on schools strengths and areas of development.

*A Partner school is selected for a peer review, or the delegate can choose to work in their own schools.

This programme can be adapted, based on client needs, and can support LA and school alliances who wish to accredit Associated Peer reviewers.