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Monitoring and evaluating EYFS provision in schools. Recognising high quality provision
Course Code - AET006

Part of our Inspiring excellence training programme

High quality EYFS provision is crucial to making a difference to children's learning and life long chances. However, senior and middle leaders often find monitoring and evaluating EYFS provision a challenge. Delegates, on this two-day course, delivered in two separate one day events, will enhance their knowledge and understanding of high quality EYFS practice and develop a wide range of strategies and skills to effectively monitor and evaluate the quality of provision, including provision for two year olds.


  • To develop confidence and skills to monitor and evaluation EYFS provision
  • To recognise high quality EYFS provision and practice, including provision for two year olds
  • To evidence the impact of provision on outcomes for learners
  • To support focused action planning


Two days

Session outlines

Day one

Session one: Recognise effective monitoring procedures and skills
Session two: Assessment in practice: evidencing outcomes for children
Session three; Recognising high quality provision: Monitoring and evaluating teaching, learning and assessment

Post training practical task

Day two

Session one: Monitoring and evaluating provision: The Wider evidence
Session two: Evidencing the impact of leadership and management
Session three: From monitoring to focused action planning