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Enhancing Monitoring and Evaluation Skills
Course Code - AET001

Refining self evaluation in line with the NNC and CIF
Part of our Building capacity training programme

Intended for senior leaders and aspiring senior leaders, this three-day course, is delivered in three separate sessions over the period of a term. Through participating in this highly relevant and up to the minute course, delegates will develop a range of skills, including monitoring and evaluation to ensure school improvement processes are focused on outcomes and evidencing impact.

This highly relevant and up to the minute course, will augment individual professional development and support whole school improvement. In addition, delegates will develop skills that can be used as part of the peer review process of partner schools.

For an additional cost Delegates undertaking their first peer review can be partnered by an approved Athene Education consultant to consolidate and refine skills developed during this course.


  • To develop rigorous monitoring and self evaluation skills that builds capacity and drives school improvement
  • Ensuring schools have a thorough knowledge of how the New National Curriculum and the CIF impact on their practice
  • To provide delegates with an opportunity to reflect upon strengths in their own professional practice and areas of development

Overall Objectives

To enhance the ability to:
  • Analyse and interpret a range of quantitative and qualitative evidence to devise focused lines of enquiry
  • Develop high quality and evaluative lesson observation skills
  • Recognise the difference between good and outstanding teaching, learning and assessment and the evidence required to secure these and support self evaluation
  • Provide constructive feedback to teachers
  • Utilise high quality questioning and interviewing skills to probe stakeholder’s views
  • Triangulate evidence and draw together robust evidence in order make accurate judgments about the quality of education provided
  • Devise accurate and well focused areas for development

Session outlines

Day one

Session 1

  • Setting the scene: Understanding high quality and time effective monitoring and evaluation skills

Session 2

  • Evaluating and analysing data and school documentation.
  • Devising focused lines of enquiry

Session 3

  • Towards excellence: Understanding high quality teaching learning and assessment

Post training task.

Day 2

Session 1

  • Evaluating teaching learning and assessment

Session 2

  • Professional dialogue with teachers

Session 3

  • Triangulating evidence: work scrutiny

Post training task

Day 3

Session 1

  • Holding focused conversations Pupil and stakeholders’ views

Session 2

  • Leadership and management at all levels
  • Evaluating the schools’ capacity to improve including SG

Session 3

  • Securing well evidenced judgments on your schools OE

Session 4

  • From monitoring to school improvement