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Enhancing Middle Leaders Monitoring and Evaluation skills
Course Code - AET008

Developing self evaluation in line with the NNC and CIF
Part of our Building capacity training programme

Intended for middle leaders and aspiring middle leaders, this two-day course, is delivered in two separate sessions over the period of half a term. Through participating in this highly relevant and up to the minute course, delegates will recognise how their role is vital within the school improvement cycle. Delegates will develop a range of monitoring and evaluation skills including providing constructive feed back to teachers.

The course includes pre and between training day tasks to develop skills in practice.


  • To enable middle leaders to confidently and effectively contribute to whole school improvement
  • To develop a repertoire of monitoring and evaluation skills and competencies
  • To ensure the evidence gathered stands up to external scrutiny.


2 x 1 day /2 days total.
Pre course and Post day one practical tasks

Session outlines

Day 1
  • Developing your skills and understanding
Session 1
  • Setting the scene. The role of middle leaders in the school improvement cycle
  • Recognise effective monitoring procedures and skills
Session 2
  • Devising focused lines of enquiry.
Session 3
  • Gathering first hand evidence (part 1)
  • Using feedback as a developmental tool and to gather further evidence

Post Day 1 Task

Day 2
  • Gathering first hand evidence (part 2)
Session 1
  • The value of focused learning Walks
Session 2
  • Evaluating teaching and learning over time.
Session 3
  • The art of conversation and active listening.
Session 4
  • From monitoring and evaluation to focused action planning.